Live Stream Your Event

Increase the size of your event far beyond your space and time

You have enough things to worry about. Technology should not be one of them.

You've done all the preparation: an engaging agenda, speakers, venue preparation, catering. But you're not getting the numbers you want. What now?

Podium MC can assist you to counteract the two limiting factors of any event: time and location. We help your attendees conquer the limiting factor of location by offering your event in the comfort of their own choosing - as long as they have a computer and internet connection. We also conquer the limiting factor of time by offering on-demand archives of your event, which can be watched at any time.

Podium MC provides a complete service. It can begin anywhere from about a month or even a day before your event with the development of your online webcast pages. Our crew then broadcasts your event, followed by the posting of recordings which we can host for an unlimited time at no extra charge.

Advantages of our Full Service Livestreaming:

  • Cost savings through live streaming, recording and still captures at the same time.
  • Allows you to focus on organizing your event.
  • No need to purchase or maintain costly video or audio equipment.
  • No headaches and worries related to technology.
  • Flawless production by experienced, certified producers.
  • Our services are guaranteed.

Included in our Full Service Livestreaming

  • Customized landing, registration, log-in and live pages or embed code; password access; domain restriction; question, chat and answer boxes; slides; pre-recorded videos and screen sharing; evaluation forms; and live technical support. 
  • Arrangements and communication with other suppliers such as A/V companies and IT departments
  • Simultaneous translation, Captioning, and Sign language (ASL and LSQ)
  • Advance site inspection and technical run-through with practice and training for presenters.
  • Add up to 8 remote presenters. With only a browser and camera your guest can connect into your event with HD video and audio from anywhere in the world.
  • Set up and management of webcasting and web-based videoconferencing / online meetings (Zoom, Webex, WebRTC). 
  • Viewership reporting, text captures and analytics.
  • Live streaming in multiple bitrate to any device
  • Multiple cameras with switching
  • We provide audio, staging, and lighting upon request
  • Editing, post-production, hosting, indexing and posting of archive recordings.
  • Lower thirds, titles plus customized pre-roll, break and end videos.
  • Recording plus fast uploading to the web (free hosting included).
  • Professional event photography.